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Tips for Healthy Children DAY 1

Brickhall School Health tips

As a parent, you can motivate your kids to assess their food choice and physical activity habits. You can help your child grow healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits. Here are some healthy tips for you.

-Eat fruits often. They help in your kids digestion.
-Eat lots of vegetables.
-They shouls take lots of milk, especially low-fat milk. They can take yoghurts too!
-Take foods with natural sugar and limit food with added sugars.
-Eat more seafood because they contain healthier fat.
-Eat more foods that contain protein like beans, eggs, poultry.
-Exercise regularly.
-Get at least 8hours of sleep.
-Keep a good hygiene.
-Avoid fizzy drinks.
-Take them for regular check-ups.