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Brickhall School Celebrates valentine at the Orphanage

Valentine is more than just a day people show love to their loved ones, it is a faithful reminder of one of our living values – love.

Brickhall School celebrating valentine with the orphanage


Since love cannot go without giving; this year, we took it a step further by paying a visit to the Hope House Orphanage located in Maitama Extension. We went bearing gifts of different kinds which were donations from our respectable parents.

The students were a huge part of this event because at Brickhall; we are raising children who can empathize with members of the society that may not have the same privileges they do.

Brickhall school kids at the orphanage

Looking into the faces of the children at the orphanage, seeing their small faces light up at the sight of the gifts; we communicated to our students that love has many sides, that it can be beautiful, innocent and pure, that love is not just in the grand gestures, but in the little things that make us smile.