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FAAN Commends Brickhall School For Safety Consciousness 

Brickhall School Excursion to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja

The Officer in charge and other staff of the Excursions Unit of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (F.A.A.N.) at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja has commended Brickhall School for safety consciousness.

The commendation was made during the excursion visit of the pupils of Brickhall School to the Airport on Wednesday 16th March, 2016. Brickhall School pupils arrived at the airport at about 10.00 am adorned in their grey and white school uniforms and reflective safety jackets to the admiration of all airport users and the F.A.A.N. staff. Welcoming the pupils to the airport, the officer-in-charge acknowledged that Brickhall School is the first school whose pupils are coming on excursion to the airport dressed in reflective safety jackets and commended the Management and Staff of Brickhall School for instilling safety consciousness in the pupils.

The excursion to the airport which was organised to afford the children the opportunity to see first-hand what they have been taught about air transport took the pupils to the different sections of the airport such as the Land Side, Terminal Building and Tarmac. The pupils also visited the International, Domestic and VIP Private terminals. They also visited the airport fire station and control tower and witnessed other sections such as the Presidential Wing and Radar Centre.

The Officer-In Charge of the FAAN Excursion Unit who personally opted to serve as tour guide for the pupils as a way of showing his appreciation of the safety standard of Brickhall School enlightened the children on different aspects of airport and air transport in the course of the tour of the airport.