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About Our School

Brickhall School is sited on a large and spacious compound with purpose-built school building. Our classrooms are spacious in line with global best standards. The classrooms are equipped with world-class, cutting-edge audiovisual facilities and teaching aids that make teaching and learning fun. We have well-resourced Science and Home Economics laboratories, Arts and Music studios, a standard library and well-equipped ICT rooms to ensure that the children undergo the practical aspects of their studies with ease. We have spacious and well-resourced indoor and outdoor playing areas for games recreation to encourage sports and physical development of the children. 

Brickhall School operates an Integrated Curriculum which is a well-blended combination of the best of Nigerian, British and other curricula from around the world to ensure that the children get the best. We teach Nigerian languages, namely, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, in addition to the French language. We also teach Elocution, Etiquettes, Ethics and Civics, Moral Education, Christian and Islamic Religious Studies to ensure that the kids are molded into total citizens with acceptable social behaviours that help them easily fit into the wider society as they grow up.

Our teachers are highly experienced with track records of excellence and passion for total child upbringing.  The least qualification of our teaching staff, including teachers of the Early Years, is Bachelor of Education.

Brickhall School also encourages extra-curricular activities and as such we have very interesting clubs for the children to help them discover and develop their talents and skills that would help to make better, confident and well-rounded citizens as they grow up. The Clubs include Busy Hands, Arts and Crafts, JETS, Home Makers, Whiz Kids, Dance, Drama, Gymnastics, Taekwondo and so on. These clubs are coordinated by highly qualified and experienced experts of International repute. For instance, our Taekwondo Club is handled by the great Olympic Medalist, Chika Yaga Chukwumerije. The Dance Club also is managed by Enobong Ekpeyong, member of the Nigerian dance group that came first in the KPOP Dance Competition in Korea.

Furthermore, we have carefully taken measures to ensure the security and welfare of our children.   Brickhall School is securely fenced. There is a team of well-trained security guards supported by a standby police patrol team and state-of-the-art security technologies. We have a standard Sick Bay operated by a resident registered pediatric nurse and a consultant pediatrician on call. We have taken deliberate steps to make the school another home away from home for the kids. We have taken steps to ensure that parents do not have any cause to worry while their children are in school.

In all, we are proud to say that we have indeed built a school of choice where discerning parents can give their children the best education for a perfect start in life here in Nigeria rather than sending the young ones abroad for primary and secondary education. All these come at a very affordable cost. As mentioned before, this school is driven by passion and a sense of legacy. It is not a business venture in the real sense of it. The dream is to build an incubator for our future leaders. 

Brickhall School presently has the Early Years and Primary Classes and the Secondary section will come on stream by September 2017. We want to be able to nurture children entrusted to our care as far as possible to equip them with the knowledge, mentality, and traditions of champions to stand out wherever the find themselves later in life.

Brickhall School welcomes you to a tour of our facilities. More information is available as you go through the website.


Brickhall School, a school of many nations, but a family of one.