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Prospective pupils are to obtain, complete and submit Application Form along with the stipulating application fee. The application fee is non‐ refundable. The pupils would be subjected to a screening test/interview. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the test/interview.


Parents will be notified that their child has been accepted and asked to acknowledge receipt. Invoice for the fee payment will be issued and fees must be fully paid before commencement of school activities by the child.

Wait List:

If vacancies do not exist for successful candidates, the applicant will be placed on a wait list for placement as soon as there are openings.


If admission is declined, a candidate may submit a new application after a further period of 12 months.



Admission to Brickhall School

 Admission to Brickhall School is determined by a number of factors. Applicants are admitted based on the student’s ability to succeed socially and academically in our dynamic learning environment as well as demonstrating a good work ethic, a history of school‐appropriate behaviour, and a desire to attend the school.

To be successful at Brickhall, students must be willing to work hard and be committed to our programme. Teachers provide the support necessary for students to become confident, independent learners. Additionally, we expect parents to be supportive of and involved in their child’s education.

Our students come from a variety of racial, ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The administration, teachers, students and parents are always working to maintain an environment that is welcoming for all students. The decision to offer a place to a prospective student will be taken before the school opens for a new term or new academic year in September every year.

Admission is based on academic evaluations and assessments, English proficiency, past school records, student interviews and any diagnostic testing that will help the Admissions committee to understand any special learning needs an applicant may have.

Year level placement will be determined by the birth date of the applicant.  Students will enter the School at their appropriate year level. It is the policy of the School to place students in age appropriate year groups as per schedule (“SEE GUIDE TO YEAR LEVELS”).



Age as of 1st


Year Level


Key Stage





Development matters/EYFS

Development matters/EYFS




Foundation / 
Early Years

Curriculum follows standards set in the English Early Years Foundation Stage and Nigerian Curriculum.








Year 1


Key Stage 1 /


Integrated Curriculum based on the Nigerian National Curriculum, British National Curriculum and other curricula


Year 2

Grade 1


Year 3

Grade 2

Key Stage 2 /



Year 4

Grade 3


Year 5

Grade 4


Year 6

Grade 5


Exceptions are made only in extraordinary circumstances and the decision is made by the School Admission Committee.

(i) Students applying for Playgroup/Pre-Nursery/Nursery/Reception: Students entering Pre-Nursery (2years), Nursery and Reception must be toilet trained. Parents will need to provide a completed Developmental Checklist.

Where possible the family will meet in person with a member of the Admissions Committee. All applications to Playgroup, Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception are reviewed by the Admissions Committee prior to being offered a place.

(ii) Students applying for Years 1‐2: Students applying for entry into Year 1 and Year 2 must submit current/prior school records and a Confidential Report from their class teacher or Principal. The student will also meet with a member of the Admissions Committee before the Admissions Committee reviews the application or a place is offered.

(iii) Students applying for Primary School (Years 3‐4): Students applying for admission to the Primary School Years 3 and 4 shall undertake assessments to ensure they can access the curriculum. Students will complete a writing assignment. Candidates whose first language is something other than English will also take an “English as an Additional Language” assessment.

(iv) Special Educational Needs (SEN): Candidates with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are accepted to the School on a case by case basis. The needs of the child are considered alongside current levels of staffing, expertise and resources within the school.

The type of support we offer is tailored to fit the individual student, but in general ranges from individual education plans to supporting the curriculum in the classroom. We teach by withdrawing students individually, in groups or by supporting in class depending on what is the most appropriate method for each student. Sometimes a student’s progress is just monitored and reviewed at a later date.

The SEN Department works with class teachers in adapting aspects of the curriculum for individual student’s needs. We are also able to provide detailed information/teaching strategies about specific conditions. Additional adult support or specialist resources may be considered necessary in order for the school to make adequate educational provision for a student. The additional cost for such will be met by the parents. The School will only admit those students for whom it can make adequate provision of support. If a candidate cannot be interviewed, a provisional place may be offered which can be withdrawn if the School later determines it cannot support the child’s needs or there is a concern raised that was not previously known.

Candidate Lists/Waiting Lists: An applicant will be placed on the Candidate List after the initial application (a signed and completed application form and non‐refundable application fee) has been received. Supporting documents may follow. Once all items are in and the Admissions Committee has determined the applicant admissible (meets the entry requirements of Brickhall School), the candidate will be offered a place or when there are no available places (or when the application is for a future academic year) placed on a Waiting List in the order of the date the applicant is deemed admissible by the Admissions Committee. Waiting List positions are not disclosed to parents. Priority on the waitlist will be given to: a child of a full‐time member of staff of the school, a qualified sibling of a current student who has completed the application process. Waiting List positions are not disclosed to parents. Applicants accepted for admission will receive an invoice for payment of fees following the acceptance letter.

Admission Appeals: If, we do not offer a student a place at the School, this will be because the student has shown through the School assessment procedure that the student is unable to meet the standards required to access the curriculum. Students are permitted to re‐sit the assessment tests after 12 months have passed. The School is not under any obligation to release the results of the assessment tests.


 Grade level placement is primarily determined by the student’s age by September 1. A student may be placed on academic probation for a period of up to 2 weeks to assess his/her suitability to succeed in the academic program.