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Attendance to school matters a lot, so missing class or coming late regularly is not to the advantage of any child. Parents/ guardians are therefore encourage to ensure that children are not kept away from the school unnecessarily irrespective of class. Children should also be brought to school early.

The school gate closes at 8:30am to late comers without prior notice to the school except for pupils in the playgroup class.

Late pickups is highly frowned upon unless the child is enrolled in after - school care or in after - school club. Late pick - up will attract a fee which will be paid as the child is to be picked up.

Parents/ guardians are to inform the school if a child is to be absent or late. Also, the school requires at least a 24hours notice if a child is going to be picked up before the school closes to enable the class teacher prepare so the child does not miss out on class work.

For security purposes, school pick up tags must be presented before kids are released after school. Parents/ guardians need to call to inform the school if someone other than the authorized person(s) is no longer authorized to pick up.