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At Brickhall our aim is to ensure that all the children in our care are happy, confident, well-motivated, enthusiastic and excited about life. We aim to provide an appropriate and balanced academic challenge, which will enable each pupil to realize his or her potential in a safe, caring, clean and supportive environment. As is the Brickhall standard, classrooms designed to be light, airy and well- resourced in order to meet the needs of the curriculum.
The primary school caters for children aged 5-11(year.1 to year 6) Years old. The key stage 1(year 1, 2) and key stage 2 (year 3, 4, 5, 6) curriculum is modelled on the integrated curriculum which is being used by Brickhall school. All curriculum areas, including the core subjects of English and Mathematics are taught through an active approach. Activity based learning in key stage 1 builds on the active hands on learning that has taken place in the foundation stage. It allows children to engage in a variety of focused play activities and independent play based games and activities, for examples, construction, role play, art/ design and table top games.
At Brickhall we use an integrated curriculum comprising of Nigerian, British, American, Singaporean and other curricula to ensure that the children are given he best and are up to speed.
In year one to year six children are taught, English, mathematics, science, modern foreign language, music and physical education as discreet subjects. In addition there are several integrated curriculum topics throughout the year through which humanities for example Religious Knowledge,     ICT, Art and Design and cultural studies are taught. Valuable cross- curricular links will be made where possible to enhance children’s learning. Etiquettes, Diction, moral Instruction, Nigerian languages and at least one foreign language are also taught to improve the child’s general behavior.