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School Clubs


Our after school care has been designed to meet the needs of our busy parents. We provide a comfortable environment for the children to relax before being picked up for the day. We also ask that you make snacks and drinks available for the children. This service runs till 4pm. We appreciate early pick up.


In Busy Hands Club, the children develop and exploit their creative skills while having loads of fun. They will explore using colors, shapes and other age appropriate creative resources. They will also be engaged in activities such as Music, Dance, Elocution, Confidence and poise. All these will help manual agility and excellent team work.


Our jet clubs provides a wider exposure to science and technology for the children. They get to create and carry out various experiments and projects. It also poses as a platform for the children to apply scientific and technical principles and also enlighten and guide them towards choosing their career paths


In arts club, the children will explore their creative skills using paint and other resources. They will also put their imagination to play in painting images, creating pictures using collage, prints, calligraphy, play dough and scrap resources. They will also be taught the importance of team work.


Our creative minds brings their thoughts into reality through computer packages and the use of their talents. In a relax environment, it allows children showcase their abilities through the use of computer which enhances their creativity in them.


Taekwando is considered the most effective and popular form of martial arts in the world today. it enhances self-esteem, build confidence, develops discipline, teaches self -  defense and strengthens the mind and body through increased physical coordination and mental discipline. it is exciting as children work towards earning a black belt which is the highest achievement in Tae Kwan Do.


Ballet is a very graceful form of dancing which may tell a story, express a mood, or just reflect a piece of music. Your child learns to perform many movements which are unnatural for the body; however, when these movements are done well, they look natural.


The mathematics clinic is a one-on-one tutoring club that supports and encourages pupils in primary school in their study of mathematics. The club makes it easy for the children to solve challenging mathematical questions with ease.


Dance gives the students the perfect opportunity to get fit, work off some energy, master teamwork and build self – confidence while having fun. Our dance club is led by a professional dance choreographer.



This club teaches pupils the aspect of home management, clothing and textile, food and nutrition, etiquette and lots more. The children will be engaged in fun learning activities such as cooking, baking, sewing (stitches), taking care of themselves and their homes


French is the second official language in the world. French club would introduce your child into a different environment, expose them and give them an edge over others in terms of career goals and job opportunity.