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We refer to children in playgroup, pre-nursery, nursery and reception as the early years. The emphasis in the early years is on active learning through play, allowing the children to develop and reach their potential by working at their own pace. Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which children are encouraged to be self-motivated, curious and confident in themselves and their work and to take pride in their achievements. Our children in the playgroup are cared for in an environment that is clean, warm, bright and stimulating, so they can develop physically and mentally.

Everyday a wide choice of activities is offered, giving the children opportunities to explore indoors with toys, musical instruments, puzzles, and we have a great outdoor space for physical play, with a range of equipment including playhouses, ride-on toys, balls, and so on in our rotunda, children can develop their cognitive and physical skills alone, or in a group.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
we like to use opportunities throughout the day to promote the children’s self-awareness and social
and emotional skills. 
• have a positive approach towards activities and events, showing exploratory impulses and
curiosity about learning
• begin to be assertive and self-assured, showing increasing confidence in new situations and
in gaining new skills
• learn and respond to boundaries
• develop care and concern for others and the environment generally, recognizing that some
actions can hurt or harm others
• communicate preferences and become more aware that choices have consequences
• show a willingness to tackle problems, manage developmentally appropriate tasks,
demonstrating pride in their achievements.