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We're back! 2017/2018 Second term Commences.

Happy New year and welcome back from the holidays! It was a pleasure to see our children back whole, hearty and healthy. as is customary with us, the school year resumed with a bang! No dilly-dallying, no dawdling. 

Our living value for the term was unveiled: Diligence.

second term living value theme

Our goal this term is to ensure that the children imbibe everything about diligence and as such, our teachers have begun to ensure that they display this value in various ways. We urge our parents to be a part of this journey and learning process for our children because the most important form of education is not necessarily the one done within the four walls of the classroom.

sport picture

In light of this, our preparations for the inter-house sports are already in full swing and classes have commenced fully. We are excited about this term and are prepared to deliver soundness to your children- academically, socially and psychologically; hence we are taking our coding classes up a notch higher by introducing robotics to ensure our children are relevant in the world of technology.

Robotics school