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Brickhall School is a school founded and driven by the passion I have for education. As a trained educationist, administrator and former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education during the 5th and 6th Senate, I had the rare privilege of traversing the length and breadth of the country, especially in the course of my oversight responsibilities as a parliamentarian and saw the rot in our educational system.  I have also had the privilege of touring educational facilities around the world. Each time, I have always returned with the pain and impression that the future of our children has been grossly compromised and betrayed; that there is the need for drastic steps the by government, public-spirited individuals, and corporate entities to collectively arrest the decline and restore our educational system to a befitting factory for birthing and incubating our future leaders.


Equipped with this experience and passion, I decided to gather these ideas together to bring out a perfect model school that can compete with any school in the developed world hence the birth of the Brickhall School.

Our goal is to develop world-class students equipped with knowledge and skills to function productively anywhere in the world.  This we can achieve, through the best practices, purpose-built infrastructure, up to-date technology and, our team of experienced and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to create an effective learning environment and a happy community.

We work closely with parents to foster self-discipline, responsibility, excellence, confidence and an enthusiasm for learning. We take pride in our diverse community and ensure that our children understand the value of growing and learning together. We also take great care to ensure that our curriculum and facilities are exciting, challenging and innovative coupled with a lot of extra-curricular activities to make well rounded individuals.

I   welcome you to come on campus and become part of this great experience. This website details a wide range of information about our school to assist you in making an informed decision.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.

Senator Dr. Joy Emodi, CON; B.Sc. Educ; LL.B; B.L.

(Chairman, Nigerian Senate Committee on Education 5th and 6th Assembly)